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Backbone Targets Talk Radio Producers to Join the Cloud

Backbone Co-Host with Luci

Backbone Co-Host with Luci

Announcing Backbone Production Suite™, an integrated set of cloud-based talk radio tools for online and AM/FM stations, promising “Your Station Anywhere”. Today, you can produce and host your programs from any location in the world, with co-hosts spread around the globe, all simultaneously contributing in studio quality through the power of the cloud.

The elements of the Production Suite — Backbone Radio™, Backbone Talk™ and Backbone Co-Host™ — include the essential workflow for live and automated radio production and streaming, phones and reportage.

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November 5, 2016
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November 12, 2016
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Backbone Networks is transforming radio production and broadcasting with the help of “the Cloud”. Our innovative services are aimed at helping existing AM/FM stations achieve greater production values while lowering operating costs and capital expenditures. Backbone also creates 24/7 online radio stations for companies, organizations, and seasoned radio veterans that want a turnkey station with minimal infrastructure.

For existing AM/FM stations
Backbone provides the cloud-based service tools to:

  • Take on-air phone calls from listeners—with a real talk radio setup
  • Team up with guests and co-hosts in other cities, live, in studio quality
  • Have your roving correspondents report live with just an iPhone or iPad
  • Invite after-hours voicemails from listeners (“Crank Line”) for on-air play
  • Schedule syndicated shows—through Backbone’s network in the cloud

For totally new stations
Backbone Networks is turning radio “inside out” compared to the traditional broadcast model. Forget about producing live over-the-air programs from a confining terrestrial radio studio, and then “simul-streaming” them. Backbone gives you the freedom of the Cloud. Your Station Anywhere.

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